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U.S. Presidents Word Search Puzzle Collection

Download from this list:

All presidents (two puzzles)

08 Martin Van Buren

11 James K Polk

12 Zachary Taylor

14 Franklin Pierce

17 Andrew Johnson

20 James Garfield

28 Woodrow Wilson

29 Warren G Harding

46 Joe Biden

Puzzles correspond with the articles. Stop back as we continue to add more based on each president's birth month.


U.S. States Word Search

Always popular in the classroom! Find all 50 states.


How to Write a Book Review and where to post it

Encourage kids to write a book review after reading historic fiction. Includes a worksheet to help students organize what to say in the review and instructions for posting to various book sites.

Download FREE right now.


Celebrate US: a patriotic coloring book

6 cartoon coloring pages for kids age 6 - 10, including the Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, US Capitol Building and more!

Download FREE right now.


First Thanksgiving Word Search

Search for words and phrases found in our article,

The Real Story of the Mayflower Pilgrims and Their First Meeting with Indigenous People.

Read the article here.

Download the puzzle here.


Winx Thinks Dinosaurs Study Guide Sample

This FREE sample guide is to be used with the book available in our bookshop. You can also get the remaining Study Guide for free through September 2024 when you send Katie O. Engen's blog post link and your book purchase receipt image to Katie(dot)Engen(at)Verizon(dot)net.


The Magic Carousel Teaching Guide

Accompanies The Magic Carousel novel about magical adventures on horseback and K.L. Small's article about the history of carousels.

Download the Teaching Guide


Civil War Letter Writing Activity

Take a deep dive into the minds of civil war soldiers and their families through the intimacy of letter writing with a correspondence partner.

Download the Activity.

Learn more:

Read Peter Serko's article on Letter Writing during the

Civil War.


Historic Books for Teens List

Our list of over 130 historic novels just for older teens arranged by time period or event.

Download the booklet now


Family Tree Activity Pack

Download this family tree activity pack for kids. This accompanies the article:

Genealogy: A Journey of a Lifetime

by Michael Strauss.


George Washington's Engineer Coloring Pages

These coloring pages support the book by award-winning children's book author, Darcy Pattison.

Read Darcy's article about research facts when writing nonfiction.

Get Darcy's book about how George Washington enlisted the help of an engineer to help get the British out of Boston.


Risking Exposure Crossword Puzzle

This Crossword Puzzle accompanies the article and book by Jeanne Moran about a former Hitler Youth who risks everything to uncover the truth.

Read Jeanne's article

Get the book, Risking Exposure


Caterpillars and Butterflies

Activity pack

This puzzle booklet about metamorphosis and pollination accompanies the article and book by Paige Menton.

Get She Held her Breath in Wonder by Paige Menton.

Read Paige's article about the revolutionary work of Maria Sibylla Merian


Achaemenid Empire Activity pack

This pack of puzzles and coloring pages accompanies the book and article Allison Parkinson.

Get Laurella Swift and the Keys of Time by Allison Parkinson

Read Allison's article about Cyrus the Great and the Achaemenid Empire.


Take the Shakespeare Challenge

How many Shakespeare plays can you find without a word list? Test your skill in three different word search puzzles.

Read the article for some Shakespeare trivia.


John Hanson word search

This Word Search accompanies the article
The first President of the United States… John who?


Foods in the Middle Ages

This puzzle accompanies our articles on Eat Like a King in the Middle Ages and Peasant Food was Hard Work.

You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter to get a PDF of our Peasant Foods cookbook for free.


Apple-inspired activities

September is a good time for a field trip to the apple orchard. Not only is the delicious fruit in season, it's also the month of Johnny Appleseed's birth. Here's free booklet of family-friendly activities for apples.

You can also inspire students with the story of Johnny Appleseed!


Puzzle Pages

Get 16 pages of puzzles and activities taken straight out of our History Unschooled Inventions from the Stone Age book.

Learn more about the History Unschooled book collection on our Teachers and Parents Resources page.


What Would You Pack?

Here's a fun booklet for the worldly traveler. It involves research and wit to decide what to pack when traveling to different times, places and circumstances.

Puzzle Pages

Get 16 pages of puzzles and activities taken straight out of our History Unschooled Inventions from the Stone Age book.

Learn more about the History Unschooled book collection on our Teachers and Parents Resources page.


Egyptian Coloring Pages

older kids can get out the colored pencils for these two Egyptian-themed coloring pages.

Dinosaur coloring pages

For your little dinosaur fans - ages 3 to 7


Coloring page

Old time car - just for the fun of it!


Magic Kingdom Activity page

Keep the kids busy for a few minutes!

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