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Spotlight Book of the Month


Winx Thinks Dinosaurs!

by Katie O. Engen

Twelve-year-old Winx Muller is stuck at his great-aunt's house while his parents are away. Poking around a giant dusty closet packed with junk, Winx finds a pair of very old, very stinky socks. Socks that sing promises of time travel.

It's the Mesozoic or bust for mega-fauna fan, Winx! But the stinky socks' travel rules are hard to follow. So, along with his sister Marta, Winx digs up tons of paleo facts to help guide his time travel.

Each travel theory they test sends Winx crashing around the time-space continuum. He gets covered with pig snot in Colonial America, chased by men who like to blow up things in Victorian England, trapped by an ancient tracker in the Desert Southwest, and sucked under a river in British Colonial India.

Will Winx ever have a truly din-ormous encounter? Or is he on the brink of extinction?

Ages 8 to 12

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Did you know?


children who regularly read historical books demonstrate a higher level of empathy towards diverse perspectives and exhibit greater understanding and tolerance.


Children who engage in historical reading activities show a 25% improvement in critical thinking skills compared to those who do not, as evidenced by their enhanced ability to analyze and evaluate information.


Studies indicate that students who read historical books perform 15% better in social studies and related subjects, showcasing the positive impact of historical reading on academic success and knowledge acquisition.

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